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The Third Eye Chakra Healing 

What you need to know

The Third Eye Chakra is associated with the deep blue/indigo colour. 

It is located between the eyes, exactly at the center of the forehead. The indigo colour has a calming effect and it is associated with self-responsibility, faith and the trust in your intuition.

It is good for imagination, creativity and to remove the fears. 

The common symptoms of blocked third eye chakra energy are:

* The feeling of disconnection towards to others and nature

* The feeling of disconnection from your own intuition

* The inability to remember your dreams

* The unconscious and constant judgmental thoughts 

* Unexplained depression, and anxiety

* The insomnia or sleeping disorders

Third Eye chakra

Affirmation to support the balance of your Third Eye Chakra:

'I AM aligned with my inner guidance, intuition and wisdom.'

Other BrightNightLight recommended tips to heal the chakras:

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Spiritual Benefits:

The indigo colour helps the concentration, the creative visualisation and imagination, the high intuition, the inner strength, the fearlessness, the clairvoyance and the soul realisation. It also helps to purify and relax the mind and body.

Connected Healing Stones: 

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli







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