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The Solar Plexus Chakra Healing 

What you need to know

The Solar Plexus Chakra is associated with the yellow colour. It is located in the middle of the body just below the breastbone and it is the center of emotion, desire and personal power. It is highly affected by stress. 

The yellow colour is associated with lightness, fun, humor, personal power and creativity. It is used to strengthen the nervous system, to stimulate the liver, the gallbladder, the flow of bile and the proper bowel elimination.  
The common physical symptoms of blocked solar plexus chakra energy are:

* Eating disorders

Poor digestion

* Liver problems

* Lack of concentration

* Arthritis

* Muscle and nerve related disorders


Solar Plexus Chakra

Affirmation to support the balance of your Crown Chakra:

'I AM motivated to pursue my true purpose.'

Other BrightNightLight recommended tips to heal the chakras:

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Spiritual Benefits:

The yellow colour encourages mental stimulation, open-mindedness and attention to detail. It tends to generate calmness, joy, happiness and optimistic qualities in those who wear it. 

When unblocked, the solar plexus chakra produces a protective and cleansing energy to remove negativity held in any of the other chakras. 
Those who have a balanced solar plexus have a high level of self-esteem, self-respect, confidence, courage and are less sensitive to criticism.  

Connected Healing Stones: 

Amber for Solar Plexus Chakra


Citrine for Solar Plexus Chakra


Yellow Jasper for Solar Plexus Chakra

Yellow Jasper

Tiger Eye for Solar Plexus Chakra

Tiger Eye

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