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The Root Chakra Healing 

What you need to know

The Root Chakra also known as base chakra is associated with the red colour. It is located at the base of the spine. 

The red colour is associated with beauty, power, persistence, attraction and passion. 

It is known for stimulating the circulation, the flow of energy and used to treat anemia, tiredness, paralysis and exhaustion.  

It also nourishes our reproductive system, the cells in our blood stream and muscle fibers. 

The common physical symptoms of blocked root chakra energy are:

* Reproductive problems

* Poor circulation

* High and low blood pressure 

* Tiredness

* Anemia

Root chakra

Affirmation to support the balance of your Crown Chakra:

'I AM supported by the universe.'

Other BrightNightLight recommended tips to heal the chakras:

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Spiritual Benefits:

The red colour has a grounding stabilizing effect which attracts the attention due to its intense colour. It is uplifting, energising and encouraging the feelings of love and passion. People who choose to wear this color or to surround themselves with it will feel strength against potential intimidations from other people or their environment, ferocity, passion. They feel more outgoing and ready to move forward in life.

Connected Healing Stones: 

Red Calcite For Root Chakra

Red Calcite

Red Jasper For Root Chakra

Red Jasper

Hematite For Root Chakra


Black Obsidian For Root Chakra

Black Obsidian

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