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The Heart Chakra Healing 

What you need to know

The Heart Chakra is associated with the green colour. It is located in the middle of the chest. It is the center of love and compassion.  

The green colour is associated with balance, harmony, acceptance, safety and flexibility.

It also brings energy and balance to the heart. It is used as a relief from headaches. 

This colour encourages self-love, compassion and understanding. 

It is a good colour for the heart and blood problems such as blood clots. It aids in the elimination of toxic material from our body, the nervous system and the cell restoration. 

It influences the basic human cell structure, the build up of muscles and tissues. It is used against colds and headaches.   

The common physical symptoms of blocked heart chakra energy are:

* Heart Disease

* Lung Disease

* Tumors

* Cancer

* Cysts

* Claustrophobia

* Chronic Bronchitis

* Diseases of Connective Tissue and Muscle

Heart chakra

Affirmation to support the balance of your Crown Chakra:

'I AM LOVE. The more I love myself, the more love I receive from others.' 

Other BrightNightLight recommended tips to heal the chakras:

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Spiritual Benefits:

The green colour generates a peaceful and calming atmosphere.

It is encouraging harmony and the appreciation of nature and the feeling of freedom.  

People who choose to wear this color reflects security and its spiritual qualities.

Connected Healing Stones: 

Malachite For Heart Chakra


Amazonite For Heart Chakra


Jade For Heart Chakra


Peridot For Heart Chakra


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