The Flower of Life is the Loveahedron!

In this video George Leoniak discusses a sacred geometric form he created and which he called the Loveahedron. His research and discovery of the 33 sphere Flower of Life 3-d form revealed that it is the same structure as the Loveahedron. He is walking us step by step through the discovery process, and show us how the Loveahedron relates to our energetic body. 

Meet George Leoniak

George Leoniak is one of the premier teachers of animal tracking in North America. His keen observation skills and curiosity lead him into the study of Sacred Geometry, where he applied his passion for tracking signs and symbols in new and unique ways. His deep spiritual connection and Love inspires him to share sacred geometric creations and discoveries that uplift human consiouness and awaken the Soul.

You can learn more about George at: www.mindfultracker.com a site dedicate to his tracking work and

www.knewspirituality.com which hosts his work in sacred geometry.