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“Color is simply energy, energy made visible. Colors stimulate or inhibit the functioning of different parts of our body. Treatment with the appropriate color can restore balance and normal functioning.”
― Laurie Buchanan, PhD

BrightNightLight designs unique chakra healing mandalas arts with the benefits of colour therapy to balance the 7 chakras.

Colour Therapy uses the energy relating to each of the seven spectrum colours of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

The use of colour therapy creates subtle energy stimuli that interacts with the energy system of the human body and helps to stabilize it along with the 7 chakras of the body on many different levels.  By providing the correct focus of energy or colour to the affected area, it begins to correct the balance.


Robi graphic designer Chakra balancing wall art

Inspired and seduced by the magic of lights and colours, Robert Piazza, creative designer specialised in chakra balancing mandala art, develops with his team his own creations producing unique limited-edition chakra healing mandalas art combined with his knowledge of colours and their impact on the mind. 

Robert offers trendy chakra balancing mandala arts, made of various colours which intend to heal the mind and emotions of those who stare at his chakra healing art.

Each zen design has mysterious ways of stopping the 'monkey mind' to simply admire the beauty of the shapes and colours which communicate with the feeling of all. 

Today, Robert has managed to introduce his art throughout design and shops in UK, constantly expanding his clientele both nationally and internationally with the support of his wife Marie who is a Lightworker and Energy Reader.  

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By using our healing techniques to balance your chakras