2020 - Your are Sacred Geometry

sacred geometry in date of birth

Sacred geometry has for a long time been associated with the belief that a god is the geometer of the world. The geometry used in the design of sacred geometry and construction of religious structures and arts across the globe has sometimes been considered sacred.

sacred geometry on glass
sacred geometry 2020

The belief that a god created the universe according to a geometric plan has ancient origins. Plutarch attributed the belief to Plato, writing that "Plato said god geometrizes continually". In modern times, the mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss also adapted this quote, saying "God arithmetizes". 

Sacred geometry and sacred energy on earth

Sacred Geometry is all around us and in nature and many forms observed in nature can be related to geometry. 

sacred geometry green plant
sacred geometry in water

With this in mind and the fact that we are natural living species on Mother Earth, it would be difficult to deny that we are also a perfect design of life on Earth. 

metatron and man

At BrightNightLight, we believe that there is no coincidence in our date and time of birth. We also believe that although there is a deep mystery in the design of the universe, everything is connected through geometry.

sacred geometry in date of birth

We simply love sacred geometry and the mathematical equality connection. 😍

Did you know that today the whole world is of the same age! Today is a very special day and there's only one chance every Millennium (1,000) years.🌟 
So yes, you are special!
Your age + your year of birth, every person is = 2020.
It is so strange that even experts cannot explain it!

You will figure it out and see if its 2020. Its a thousand-year wait!
Here is how (by applying the calculation below) you can check it out:
Example 1:
Let's say my age is 34 years.
I was born in 1986
So 34+1986 = 2020.
Example 2:
Your age is 51.
You were born in 1969, then 51+1969=2020.
This is truly the wonder of mathematical equality... for everyone.